Summertime Learning Games

Whether your child is in a summer program or not, this time of year is traditionally used for relaxing and enjoying the warm weather. But that doesn’t mean that all learning has to stop. At Wollaston Childcare, we’re devoted to supporting early childhood development all year round. Next time you run out of games and fun play ideas, consider some of these!

Much of a child’s learning comes from just experiencing the world around them. Playing games can be a good way for you to encourage early education for your child before they start to think of school as “boring.”

Memory Games

Hiding and memory games are perfect for early childhood development because they can be adjusted to fit the age of the child. For example, you can teach your baby the idea of object permanence – the idea that objects exist even when you can’t see them – by hiding a toy under a blanket and then revealing it. As they get older, you can introduce memory matching games using tiles with matching images on them. This game can also be adapted for children learning the alphabet or beginning to read sight words.

Card Games

Up until now, you may have thought your standard deck of playing cards was only for adults. But children as young as preschool can enjoy them as well! Toddlers can use the cards to match the suits or even the colors. Children who are learning to count can put the cards in order, or even compare which number is higher.

Sorting Games

Using their toys in ways, you haven’t before can also be a beneficial and affordable learning tool. For example, children learning to sort can sort their toy cars by color or size. You could even put them to work and ask them to sort laundry!

The teachers here at Wollaston Childcare work year round to encourage early childhood development through exploration of the world around them. This learning can only be accelerated by practicing classroom exercises at home. Call us at 617-773-7217 to find out more about enrolling your child in one of our year-round programs!