How Important is Early Education?

Children’s brains grow and develop incredibly fast in their first few years. In fact, baby brains grow over 1,000 trillion nerve endings and will triple in weight by the time they are three. In addition to learning things like eating, walking, and talking, they are gaining a sense of the world around them and learning how the world works. But what exactly, should they know? Here at Wollaston Childcare, our staff is highly trained and experienced in providing an educational and enjoyable environment for your preschooler.

Early Education Sets the Foundation

Everyone knows the saying “you have to learn to walk before you can run.” But if you go back even further than that, you also have to know how to walk. Early education programs like pre-kindergarten and preschool are like learning how to walk. The skills learned here set the foundation for learning in the future. They teach basic skills like communicating with others and learning how to function in a group, but they also give early lessons in literacy skills, math and science. Enrolling in a program before kindergarten can give your child the confidence and tools necessary to be successful in the future.

But What About Skills Learned at Home?

Of course, these are important! You can teach your toddler lots of things by keeping them at home. Baking cookies can teach math skills and how to follow directions, and helping with pets can show responsibility. There is no question that a child under five will learn a lot by staying at home. Choosing a program like ours can have benefits as well.  In preschool and pre-kindergarten, children learn to cooperate and interact successfully within a classroom setting.

Is Your Child Ready?

Starting school before five may seem too early. It’s true that children that young won’t have the same comprehension skills or attention spans as a first or second grader, but developmentally appropriate preschool programs are designed to offer learning experiences carefully planned to suit the children’s development and skills.

It has been proven that children learn the most when they are challenged but not frustrated.  Quality early education programs offer just the right blend of instruction and fun. For more information about our programs and how to enroll, call 617-773-7217 to speak with one of our staff.