Sun Safety: Tips for Kids

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With summer around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.  On May 24th, National Don’t Fry Day will occur in childcare centers across the United States.  Thus, now is the perfect opportunity to teach and promote sun protection to your little ones.  At Wollaston Childcare, your early childhood care in Quincy, MA, we take sun safety seriously.  That is why we have created these helpful tips to help get your children on board with blocking the sun, not the fun!



The best protection against the sun is to stay out of the direct sunlight.  However, as parents, we know how difficult this task can be on a beautiful summer day.  By incorporating fun ways to stay covered up can help keep your little one away from direct sunlight.  Sun hats, baseball caps, and visors are an excellent way to protect their little faces from painful sunburns.  Allowing your children to be part of the selection makes wearing the hat fun and exciting instead of something that mom and dad are making them do.

Similarly, many bathing suits now offer rash-guard options.  Not only are these excellent ways to prevent moisture rashes, but many incorporate UV protection within the material.  Choosing a matching sleeved top to go those new swim trucks will keep your little one’s arms and body protected from the direct rays of the sun.  With the variety of characters and themes available, you can be sure your child will enjoy showing off their trendy new swim top.

Of course, there are sunglasses.  The vast selection available will undoubtedly leave your child fashionable.  From themes to sparkles, aviators to bright colors, the most important part of this entertaining selection is to make sure the lens provides UV protection.  Typically, companies will apply a sticker directly to the lens.  This lets you know that your little one is making the safest choice in eye protection.


Apply, Apply and Re-Apply

Although adult assistance will ultimately be needed, it’s imperative to teach your children the importance of applying, and reapplying, their sunscreen throughout the day.  As life can throw curve-balls when we least expect, distractions are a common element of parenthood.  Thus, have more than one person thinking about sunscreen application can prove to be an effective combination.  Further, by turning the experience into something fun by creating a short song or poem, your children will enjoy the time spent with you.


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