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Pre-Writing Skills and Early Childhood Development

In last month’s post, we looked at the skills preschoolers improve and acquire by learning to write. This month, we’re going to back up a little talk about pre-writing skills.

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Why Handwriting Is Important for Preschool Kids

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits preschool age children receive when they learn to write by hand.

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Gingerbread Cookies: Holiday Fun in the Kitchen

Whether gingerbread cookies are already part of your holiday traditions or new to your family this year, this easy recipe will be a hit with everyone.

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3 Play Dough Recipes to Try Over the Long Holiday Weekend

Play dough is one of our favorite forms of imaginative play for preschool kids. Here are three recipes to make it at home over the long weekend.

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Stay Safe While You Trick-or-Treat!

For most of us, trick-or-treating is a fond memory from our early childhood that we are eager to share with our kids. But as much as we want our kids to have fun, it’s also important to stay safe.

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Readjusting to School and Childcare Routines

Adjusting to changes in school and childcare routines is rarely easy, so it’s okay if you haven’t settled into a rhythm just yet. Here are a few suggestions to help you are your kids adjust to school schedules and new childcare routines.

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Why Kids Love Kinetic Sand (And We Do, Too!)

Kinetic Sand isn’t just a fun toy to keep kids occupied. It also helps kids practice and improve skills that are important to early childhood education and development.

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Activities for Rainy Summer Days

Summer is supposed to be a season of spending time outside, enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. But we’ve had our share of rainy days this summer, which has been a problem for many people’s plans.

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Keep Preschool Kids Engaged with These Summer Activities

Here are three fun activities you can do with your preschool kids to keep them engaged this summer.

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3 Reasons Kids Should Have Swim Lessons

Kids are never too old to learn how to swim, but early childhood is the best time to learn.