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7 Christmas Stories for All Ages and Stages

The holidays are a perfect time for making memories. Here’s a look at a few Christmas classics to snuggle up with holiday season.

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What Are You Thankful For?

Holidays are hectic, but taking the time to slow down and teach your little ones the true meaning of the holiday spirit is crucial.

Fun Fall Activities to Enjoy With Your Children

The cool fall weather is here providing us the perfect environment to get outdoors and get creative!

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At Home Practices for Behavioral Improvement

Days are busy and can be overwhelming leaving our patience short. With these little changes, parents can help improve challenging behaviors.

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Tips to Help Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a big deal! Ease the worries with these helpful tips, and let your little one look forward to their big day!

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The Ages and Stages Questionnaire for Early Childhood Development

Curious about the Ages and Stages Questionnaire? This article will answer the questions you’ve been wondering.

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National Smile Power Day

The 2019 World Happiness Report is out, and proof that there is power behind a simple smile.

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Sun Safety: Tips for Kids

The hot summer days are drawing in, and it’s time to start thinking sun safety for that delicate skin!

Why Should You Read to Your Child

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Celebrating Dr. Seuss is an excellent time to promote reading with your little one.  Having written 45 books, Dr. Seuss is known for his brightly colored silly characters, fun rhymes, and wacky stories.  Engaging individuals of all ages, Dr. Seuss’ name alone promotes reading.  The professionals at Wollaston Child Care Center […]

Preschool Winter Projects at Home

Here at Wollaston Childcare, we encourage our preschool students to explore the world around them while honing important skills. Of course, this is all incorporated into fun games and activities. Winters in Massachusetts are often bitterly cold and snowy, so there are lots of opportunities to discover the weather – and science behind it – […]