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March 2024 Newsletter


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The Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) developmental screening provides families the opportunity to share and learn about their child’s development, to celebrate their growth and to address any questions or concerns they may have about what “typical development” looks like. The ASQ is designed to be filled out by families, it is user-friendly, and should only take about 10 minutes to complete. It can be filled out on paper or online. Here is the web address to complete the screening process.

Ages and Stages Online Questionnaire



February 2024 Newsletter


2024 Rates and Schedules


Article: How to Use Positive Language
to Improve Your Child’s Behavior



January 2024 Newsletter


Family Handbook

Policy Summary

Family Involvement

To a young child, his/her first teachers are like other family members. Building upon this foundation WCCC caregivers expect families to be fully involved in their child’s care and education. The informal verbal exchanges of information between the family and caregivers at the time of drop-off and pick-up are expected to be a daily occurrence. Parents and caregivers will also meet on a formal basis at mutually agreed times throughout the year. Phone conferences are another way that WCCC caregivers and families can talk with one another. As a personalized approach, the emphasis is to communicate with families about all aspects of their child’s experiences at the center, not simply contacting a parent when there is a “problem”.

Center Features

  • Community Room – a very spacious area that serves as our indoor gross motor room. There is also a fully equipped galley kitchen that allows us to offer special programs throughout the years to better serve our families and community.
  • Outdoor Playground – play area outside for twice daily playtimes (weather permitting).
  • Health Room – when ill, our children receive the attention needed while they await the arrival of their parent.
  • Family Room – serves as a resource area for our parents and also provides a warm comfortable setting to interview families, discuss sensitive issues, or for parents to relax before continuing with their hurried schedules.
  • Front Desk – staffed through out the day, which allows staff to greet everyone that enters the Center. To address the issue of security, our doors remain locked and each family is given their own access code to the building.