Coping With Sending Your Child To Child Care

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On the first day of daycare in Quincy, MA you approach the school prepared for tears. Your baby is well, ready to run and play with the other kids in one scenario, or has a complete breakdown in the other. Either scenario breaks your heart as you cope with not having your child with you or a family member for the first time. Your baby is starting to experience structured schooling to prepare them for kindergarten and beyond. As you stay brave until you get back in the car, you struggle to figure out what to do with your day now that your little one isn’t with you at all times.

While it can be tough on your child when you first leave them, it can also be emotionally stressful on you when you go to send your child to daycare for the first time, especially if you have not been without your child. We put our brains together with the help of Ask Your Dad Blog to find out what could be going on and maybe what could help.

Many parents feel guilty the first time they leave their child alone. They do not know what to expect when they leave their child alone, especially in a daycare setting. The instincts of needing to be sure that your child is well taken care of are necessary. While some people can leave children with family, leaving them in a structured setting takes on a new level of commitment. As your child grows, they need to be able to have social time with kids their age. The last thing a parent, especially a working parent, should be doing is feeling guilty for providing your child a chance to socialize with other kids and to learn while you are not around. While they will spend a lot of time there, they could potentially love it.

But, rather than focus on the guilty feelings of leaving your child at a daycare in Quincy, MA, your child knowing teachers more than you, and the idea that you will worry non-stop, focus on what you get from it.

You Can Support Your Child

For many parents, employment is a financial necessity.  Please be assured, that studies have demonstrated that children who attend child care do just fine academically and socially.  Every family’s situation is different and children can thrive with both working parents and stay at home parents.  Each family must decide which works best for them. As long as the child attends a high quality early childhood program while his/her parents are at work, he or she will be just fine.

You Will Get Alone Time

Getting a chance to breathe should be at the top of this list, but as parents, everything becomes about the children. We get it. But in all honesty, having a child in daycare gives you the chance to get alone time, whether it is to clean the house, have lunch with a friend, or even take twenty minutes before pick up to sit on the couch with your partner enjoying the quiet. It will be worth it when you have fewer headaches.

By being able to take care of yourself, you can look after your child even better than before. Though you give your whole life to them, sometimes you need your time, too. That is why daycare in Quincy, MA is right for you and your child.

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