Make Preparing For Early Childhood Education Easier

early childhood education

As a parent, there’s nothing more you want for your child(ren) than for them to succeed and have rewarding experiences. When it comes to early childhood education, finding the right school and ensuring your children are ready for their journey is key. At Wollaston Child Care, we welcome new students frequently and want to see them succeed. Plenty of success and preparation can come from home.

Introduce Concepts Early

Since you’ve experienced schooling already, you have an idea of what to expect when your children head to day care. When you interact with them at home, try to introduce fundamentals like counting and reading before they head off to school. They may have a better grip on things and learn faster!


Learning through play is what early childhood education is all about. They don’t have to form deep, meaningful relationships with everyone they meet, but introducing them to social situations will make an impact. They’ll play with others, gain interpersonal skills, and understand how to express themselves.

Do Separation Dry Runs

The first day of school is going to be a hard day for both of you. After all, you’re so used to being in each other’s lives and spend all day together! Make it a bit easier on the two of you by having your child spend time at relative or family friends’ homes for sleepovers or extended periods of time. They’ll get used to a new routine and understand that they will reunite with you sooner than later.

With these few tips, it’ll be a bit easier to adjust to your child’s early childhood education experience. Wollaston Child Care provides quality child care in Quincy, Massachusetts, so give us a call at (617)-773-7217 and learn more about our child care facility today! You’re sure to have a good experience with us.