Celebrating Milestones in Pre-Kindergarten in Quincy, MA

When your child is young, every day can present an opportunity for growth and overcoming milestones. But how do you know which milestones are worth celebrating? Does celebrating each one diminish how special they truly are? Here at Wollaston Child Care, we hope to foster these moments and encourage children to try new things in our pre-kindergarten in Quincy, MA programs. From infancy, there are certain milestones – first words, first steps – that seem to mold your child on a daily basis. Even though all children develop at different paces, celebrating these milestones as they come can nurture self-esteem and self-confidence, further promoting development.

Boost Self Esteem

During this time, your toddler is changing not only physically, but emotionally, socially, and intellectually as well. Taking the time, as a parent, to celebrate little wins can help boost their self-esteem and strive to further reach their goals. It may seem small, but even something like putting their shoes on the right foot is worthy of a celebration. At our pre-kindergarten in Quincy, MA, we want to share in these celebrations.

How Should You Celebrate?

So, what exactly is a celebration? Do you need to throw a party each time your child goes to the bathroom on their own? Of course not! Simply sharing words of pride and encouragement are enough to fuel those little brains. Personalized, positive comments can make a world of a difference when it comes to learning new things. Think of yourself, for example. If you’ve been struggling with a project at work, how do you feel when you finally accomplish it? You probably feel like you can take on the world, right?

Recognizing the significance of these steps can also help your child overcome challenges in the future. If they seem a little frustrated or upset, try reminding them of a time they made you really proud – like when they walked for the first time or zipped up their own coat. These reminders could be just what they need to keep trying.

The experienced staff here at Wollaston Child Care is proud to do whatever we can to encourage important steps in your child’s educational journey, starting at our pre-kindergarten in Quincy, MA. For more information about our programs or to discuss your child’s milestones, please reach out to us at 617-773-7217.