Thanksgiving for Little Helpers

Preschoolers and young children always want to help. As a parent, you know how important it is to involve them in every part of your daily routine. Even though they’re small and can’t do things like empty the dishwasher or do a load of laundry on their own, they can still assist in other ways. They can match socks, or help clean the dishes off the table after dinner. More so, each of these “chores” is a learning experience! Here at Wollaston, we encourage our preschool students to be independent and learn lifelong skills through everyday tasks. This year, consider letting your child help out with small jobs to prepare for Thanksgiving. It will mean way more to them than you think.

Setting the Table

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, utilize your preschooler’s willingness to help in your favor! Even though you might not trust them to bring fragile plates or glasses to the table, they can help with silverware or place settings. Try to turn it into a learning experience. They can count out the number of forks and spoons you will need, or maybe recognize the shape of the placemat and make sure they are all put at a chair correctly. In addition to practicing essential skills, involving them in preparation can create lifelong memories and make the experience even more special!


Involving a preschooler in cooking is often a hit or miss. They’ll make a mess, or maybe ruin the batter by adding too much baking soda. Or they’ll make it even better by adding too many chocolate chips! Like setting the table, you can turn this into a learning experience – counting eggs, learning how to measure, combining ingredients. Maybe even teach them a secret family recipe! Not only is it educational, bonding with your child over cooking a meal is extremely rewarding.

Our preschoolers here at Wollaston Childcare work hard to learn skills like counting, ABC’s, and gross and fine motor skills. Part of their success depends on how much these skills are practiced at home. Turn Thanksgiving into a learning experience you’ll both remember for years to come. For more information about our preschool classes, check out our site here or give us a call at 617-773-7217.