Preschool Winter Projects at Home

Here at Wollaston Childcare, we encourage our preschool students to explore the world around them while honing important skills. Of course, this is all incorporated into fun games and activities. Winters in Massachusetts are often bitterly cold and snowy, so there are lots of opportunities to discover the weather – and science behind it – through various experiments and projects. If you’re looking to explore these topics at home further, read on for some ideas!

Letters & Spelling

Early literacy development is an important task of the preschool years. Letters and words are everywhere and children are eager to learn.  You can help by providing children with writing materials and time to write. Encourage them to copy their name and other familiar words in the environment.  Go on a letter hunt and encourage children to find as many letters as they can throughout the house. Create games where children can match identical letters, match upper case to lower case letters or pictures to words.  If your child is not yet writing, have him/her dictate a story to you and write down his/her words.

Counting & Numbers

Working on number sequences and counting is also pretty easy to turn into a game or craft project. You could create white circles of various sizes with numbers on them, and have your preschooler organize three circles at a time – like a snowman! This will also help with shapes and size comparison.  Provide objects to count such as cotton balls, Cheerios and buttons. This provides children with the chance to practice counting and comparing quantity.

Colors & Patterns

Colors and patterns are also skills we work on here in our Quincy, MA preschool. Activities like matching socks and mittens are great ways to practice colors and patterns. Plus you can get some help with the laundry!

Preschool is one of the first experiences children have with formal education. This doesn’t always mean sitting at a desk being talked to by a teacher. We encourage interactive activities and games that allow children to work on social and communication skills that can benefit them once they start kindergarten. Give us a call at 617-773-7217 for more information about all our programs.