Why Should You Read to Your Child

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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Celebrating Dr. Seuss is an excellent time to promote reading with your little one.  Having written 45 books, Dr. Seuss is known for his brightly colored silly characters, fun rhymes, and wacky stories.  Engaging individuals of all ages, Dr. Seuss’ name alone promotes reading.  The professionals at Wollaston Child Care Center also know how imperative reading is, and the benefits it provides.  If you are looking for early childhood care in Quincy MA, you can trust  Wollaston Child Care Center to provide a variety of enrichment programs, including reading, for your child.

Brain Power

Children are sponges.  Thus, we should be filling their days and nights with knowledge! Increase their knowledge by choosing a variety of books with different subject matter.  By doing this, you are setting your child up to succeed.  The more you read, the more they absorb, the better off they will be when they enter the school-aged years!

Language Skills

Language development is a significant milestone throughout the early years.  Without proper exposure, children can develop a variety of developmental speech concerns requiring intervention.  Reading exposes children to an array of words that may not be part of your everyday conversations allowing further learning opportunity. Beyond the exposure, a lot of stories now incorporate bilingual words. By introducing children to a second language at a young age will help them, later on, should they further pursue that path.

Develops Empathy

Many children’s books, especially Dr. Seuss stories, have an underlying message.  Characters go through a situation which involves emotion and relationships to self and other characters in the story.  Once engaged, your child will relate to the characters.  Thus, they will be exposed to situations and how to deal with them.  Beyond empathy, these events will promote communication. Children often confide in trusted adults with their feelings. Being able to know how to communicate is a survival skill we use each day, even as adults.

Promotes Concentration

A must-have skill, concentration develops with time and age.  Reading to your child will encourage them to sit and focus.  Sure there will be discussion breaks along the way, and that is okay! The important part is that your child is engaged in the story start to finish.

Quality Time

Life is hectic.  Sitting to read a book with your child is an excellent way for both of you to relax and bond!  Not only will your child be obtaining the benefits mentioned above, but they will cherish the time they have with you.

If you’re looking for early childhood care in Quincy, MA, consider Wollaston Child Care Center.  Their flexible programs can suit the needs of any family.  Contact them today to visit the school or visit them online for further information (617) 773-7217.