National Smile Power Day

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There are many universal elements throughout the world.  For instance, smiling is known worldwide.  Regardless of race, religion, or culture when a person smiles at another person, the corresponding emotion is known.  On June 15th, the world will once again observe National Smile Power Day.  This is a day for everyone to share the power of a smile.  Here at Wollaston Child Care Center, we are always smiling!  Next time you go to search for, “childcare near me” save yourself the time and effort and visit us at Wollaston! Not only do we smile, but we also love to make your children smile! This fun article highlights a few of the top reason’s people are smiling across the globe.



For the second year in a row, Finland is happy!  Rated the number one happiest country in the world, the people of Finland have top rankings in overall well-being.  Many studies have tried to research why these folks are so happy, but there is not one definite answer.  Several factors, including safety, health, stability, and family, are amongst the top reason why Finland is smiling.


Second on the list, Denmark is happy!  Research has shown that lower stress levels make room for happiness.  With strong economic and financial security, the population in Denmark tends to be laid back.  Of course, the streets lined with local bakeries helps as well.  Further, Denmark is active! Studies have shown that 50% of urban commuter travel by bicycle.


Once ranked first on the World Happiness Report, Norway ranks 3rd in 2019.  With it’s pronounced beauty, adventure awaits you in Norway.  From mountains to fjords, natural wonders keep the heart light while exploring keeps the imagination active. 


With low unemployment, high incomes, and personal freedom, how can one not be happy? Iceland took fourth in 2019 on the World Happiness Report.  The hot springs, geyser, and active volcanoes have the North Atlantic island on the lists of many tourist destinations.


As a very free country in many different aspects, people of the Netherlands, especially woman, have a reputation for being happy.  With a perfect work-life balance, Dutch Moms are some of the happiest in the world.  When Moms are happy, kids are happy.  Thus the circle continues!


Active and smiling, the people of Switzerland are the best promoters of National Smile Power Day!  If you smile at someone on the street, they’ll smile back. 😊


The overall consensus that seems to have people smiling is kindness, security, and nature.  So on June 15th, get out and smile.  You don’t need a reason, just try it and see how many smiles you get back!  For more information on Wollaston Child Care, the “childcare near me” give us a call or visit us online.  We’d love the chance to make your family feel safe, secure, and most of all, SMILE!  Contact us at (617) 773-7217. 

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