At Home Practices for Behavioral Improvement

early childhood

As a parent, we can often be overwhelmed with busy schedules and tasks. Because of the stresses that come with everyday life, we can sometimes be sort in areas in which we should be understanding and patient. The early childhood years are some of the most important when it concerns growth and behavioral patterns. This article highlights a few simple at-home shifts we can make as parents to improve challenging behaviors.


Replace “Don’t” with “Do”

Take a moment and imagine yourself at work. Now imagine being told “don’t” all day by your boss. At some point, this one word will drag you down and make you feel frustrated. This is no different than how your child may be feeling when experiencing the word at home. By taking the time to reword your thoughts, you can have a positive impact on their actions. For example, instead of saying, “Don’t color on the wall,” try “Crayons are for paper and coloring books. Which one do you want to color on?” Although frustrating situations can create quick reactions, it’s crucial to control how we react as adults.


Replace “No” with “When”

Children are spontaneous and impulsive. Thus, you can expect them to ask for something at the worst moment possible. It’s easy for us to respond with “no.” However, this is not the best option. Again, put yourself in your child’s shoes for a moment and feel the impact of this two-letter word. A better option is to use “when.” For example, imagine you’re in the middle of a project that needs to be completed. Out of nowhere, your child is asking to take a walk or play outside. Instead of responding with “no” or “now’s not a good time,” try to spin it. Let your child know that you need to finish what you started, but ask them when a better time would be. “Would you like to go when I finish, or this afternoon after our snack?” Give them the choice and stick to the decision.



For more information and ideas on using positive language to improve your child’s behavior, check out the recent newsletter from the Backpack Connection Series. At Wollaston Child Care Center, we believe that investing in children begins with their environment. Allowing their imaginations to grow with positive reinforcement and encouragement is key to their success. Providing superior early childhood care to families around Quincy, our center is the childcare solution you’ve been looking for. Give our team a call today at 617.773.7217.