Fun Fall Activities to Enjoy With Your Children


Instead of sitting indoors this fall, searching for a “child care near me,” stop into Wollaston Child Care and let your worries fade away. Our center has become a home away from home for many families. Not only do we care for each child as if they were our own, but we also nurture families with fun, loving ideas that can be taken home.

For example, during the month of October we’re celebrating fall! With the crisp autumn days upon us, it’s the perfect time of year to gather the family and enjoy seasonal activities. Here are a few ideas to get those kiddos out from behind the screens and create memories with them that will last a lifetime.


Apples apples everywhere.

Without saying, visiting an apple orchard is a must on the to-do list during the New England fall. However, the adventure doesn’t stop when you’re done apple picking. After coming home with more apples then you know what to do with, the fun shall begin! Here are a few creative ideas for you and your child and all of those apples:

  • Bake apple chips. Not only do children love helping out in the kitchen, but they’ll also end up with a healthy snack to bring to school.
  • Make apple stamps. Although you’ll end doing most of the work to create the stamp, the kids are sure to enjoy the aftermath. But carefully cutting shapes or designs into your apples, you will have hours of entertainment. Whether stamp pads or paint, having plenty of paper on hand is a must!
  • Bobbing for apples. Hey, we all grew up sticking our head in a bucket of water. Why not share the memories with your kids?

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The leaves are falling.

Appropriately named, the fall season provides plenty of leaves on the ground. With a single rake, you can have endless hours of fun on your hands. From jumping in piles of leaves to stuffing scarecrows, the possibilities are endless. One of our favorite indoor crafts is leaf rubbings.

day care near meWhen the weather is ideal, take a journey outdoors with your little one. In search of the perfect leaf, you can be confident your little one will be on a mission. Whoever knew choosing a leaf could be such a challenge? Once “the one” has been found, head back indoors. Grab fall colored crayons and a white sheet of paper for your leaf rubbing. Your child will be amazed at their ability to create such a beautiful piece of frameable artwork!



Although we could go on and on about fun ideas for the fall time, it’s time for us to wrap things up. For more information on the “day care center near me,” give the team at Wollaston Child Care a call today (617) 773-7217.