What Are You Thankful For?

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With each holiday season, the hustle and bustle of everyday life and sometimes make us forget what the holiday is truly about. This Thanksgiving, be sure to take time to relax and teach your little ones the true meaning of the holiday spirit. As your favorite preschool in Quincy, MA, the team here at Wollaston Child Care Center has created these fun ideas to incorporate into your special day!

Thankful Tree

A thankful tree is a perfect opportunity, not only for your children, but your entire family to take a moment to reflect on the things that they are grateful for. Besides, it’s easy and fun to make!

With your child, head outdoors and collect a few long branches and stones. Place both of these elements in a vase somewhere that your friends and family are sure to see. Next, you’ll want to grab a pair of kid-safe scissors and have the kiddos cut the paper into leaf shapes. Be sure to use a variety of colors and shapes. Once the leaves are cut, carefully punch a hole in the top to create a string loop to hang the leaves from the branches you collected.   Scatter the leaves around the base of your vase with a few pencils, and you’re done!

Be sure to have the children start the tree by writing down something they’re thankful for!

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Book displays

An excellent pastime for children on Thanksgiving day is a book display. Below is a list of wonderful holiday-themed stories to display around the home to keep your littlest minds engaged all day:

Thanksgiving Bingo

We’re all familiar with the classic game of Bingo, but have you ever played Thanksgiving Bingo? By replacing numbers with holiday related words, you can have a fun, interactive game to play with the kids. Consider using traditional words such as turkey and potatoes, but also incorporate words that relate to being thankful. Family and friends are perfect examples of the second type of word.

Here at Wollaston Child Care, your preschool in Quincy, MA, we wish all of our extended families the happiest and safest holiday season! Remember, our center will be closed on Thursday and Friday as we celebrate this time of thankfulness!