6 Ways to Make Your Little One’s Valentine Day Awesome

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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many parents are scrambling to come up with budget-friendly ideas to make their child’s day a special one. As your trusted preschool in Quincy, MA, the team at Wollaston is here to help! Here’s a look a six unique, easy, and cheap ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your little one!

Go on a date

Sure, most of us hear the word “date” and assume it’s a costly night out. However, dates should be focused more on making memories than spending a fortune. When it comes to “date night” with your little one, consider stopping into your local shop and enjoy time together over an oversized, whipped cream topped, mug of hot cocoa. Of course, you’ll want to remember the red and pink sprinkles!

Make art together

A classic Valentine’s craft, garland, involves construction paper, scissors, string, tape, and some good one on one time. Creating a themed garland to hang somewhere in your house is a great way to giggle and be creative while ending in a creation of love that can be displayed for all to see. Besides, the possibilities are endless on what type of garland to create!

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Plan a movie night

What better way to spend the evening snuggling in your favorite jammies watching a movie together. Movie night is also the perfect time to share your favorite dessert, popcorn! Spice things up a bit by adding your favorite Valentine’s candy and sprinkles to your bowl of popcorn.

Read a good book (or two ..)

There is no shortage of Valentine’s books available for purchase this time of year. Whether you’re able to purchase a few of these, or take your little one on a trip to your local library, reading to your child is one of the best ways to spend time together! Even better is that most of these stories are quick and can be read during breakfast, snacks, before the movie, and (of course) before settling in for bed.

Show off your culinary skills

Heart-shaped pancakes are an excellent way to start your little one’s day off on the right foot. Topped with strawberries and chocolate chips, you’ll have the perfect little Valentine breakfast. If time is of the essence in the morning, then consider bringing the theme into dinner. Check out online resources for the abundance of red, heart-shaped recipes.

Leave love notes

From messages on their bedroom door to toothbrush holders and lunchboxes, leaving unexpected notes throughout the day will keeping the smiles coming! The night before, plan out your note path and write reasons why you love you’re little guy or gal. For example, “I love the way you’re always dancing,” or “I love your great big heart.”

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From your favorite preschool in Quincy, MA, the team at Wollaston Child Care wishes everyone a very happy and enjoyable Valentine’s Day!