5 Essential Kindergarten Skills Learned at Wollaston

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Although it’s only February, ‘kindergarten near me’ is one of the area’s top searches. Why is this? Believe it or not, Quincy is already beginning the pre-registration process for the 2021-22 kindergarten school year! So as you can see, it’s never too early to think ahead!

For some, this unexpected planning may cause a bit of anxiety. Not knowing what to expect or where to turn can undoubtedly be overwhelming. Lucky for you, you found Wollaston Child Care. Here, our highly experienced and dedicated teachers offer some of the highest levels of kindergarten education in the state. Here, we’re providing you with a brief look into some of the essential skills your child will master during their kindergarten years.



Writing skills are an essential part of a successful school career. Because of this simple fact, we provide lots of opportunities for your child to grow in this area. Learning and tracing letters, writing them independently and copying basic sight words are all areas that we will cover.

Every step of the way, our teachers work closely with students to encourage growth through positive reinforcement. Prepare to be amazed when your child comes home showing off all of their hard work!




We can’t stress enough how important reading is – at any level. In kindergarten, there are often various levels of skills when starting. Our teachers work closely with every student to ensure we recognize current abilities and create a plan for success. Whether in a group or individually, we read every day!

Learning letter sounds also helps your child to begin forming words while recognizing foundations like capitalization and punctuation. In conjunction with writing, most children begin forming written sentences through guided exercises and storytelling.



Social skills

Let’s face it, kindergarten is a lot of hard work but a lot of fun at the same time. Through social exploration, your child develops a sense of self through communication, interacting, and responding to both verbal and visual cues. Often, our children break into centers to further encourage the social aspect while encouraging group work.


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In kindergarten, teachers incorporate math skills into everyday happenings. We count, we measure, we think, and we explain. Don’t say we didn’t warn you when you have a little genius on your hands!




Like social skills and development, learning to become independent is equally as important. It’s in kindergarten that children are introduced to the formal years ahead. This is a time to nurture their sense of confidence, self-reliance, accountability, and understand choices and consequences.




To ensure your child receives the highest level of quality care, stop search endlessly for a ‘kindergarten near me’ and contact the team at Wollaston Child Care. With low teacher to child ratios, you can have peace of mind that individual care and learning is first at hand.

For more information on the kindergarten program offered at Wollaston, call us today at (617) 773-7217.



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