Welcoming Spring With Your Child

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March 20th is the first day of Spring, and we couldn’t be more excited! As the top preschool in Quincy, MA, we’ve been busy all winter keeping these kiddos learning. However, with the warm weather ahead, our educational path is heading outdoors! Fresh air combined with tons of learning opportunities – does life get better?

While we continue planning exciting new lessons for in-school, our team at Wollaston would also like to share a few ideas for at-home. Below are three ways to have fun and celebrate Spring with your little ones!



Plant a garden.

One of the most enjoyable projects of the season is starting a garden from seed. It doesn’t need to be a huge garden, just something small and colorful that can move outdoors when the warm weather arrives. Consider planting a variety of items that thrive in containers. Flowers like geraniums, impatiens, and sunflowers provide a variety of colors and bloom all summer long. If you’re considering the edible route – container strawberries, cucumbers, and grape tomatoes are always a hearty choice!

By starting your indoor now, your child can watch their seeds sprout, eventually transferring them outdoors will they can further thrive in the warm sunlight.






Make a birdfeeder.


Another part of Spring that we can’t get enough of is the sound of the returning birds. So, why not encourage wildlife to hang around a bit longer with a homemade birdfeeder? Whether you opt to purchase a kit or build your own from a milk jug, the possibilities for this craft are truly endless. For a few easy ideas with materials you probably already have on hand, check out this article from thesprucecrafts.com.


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Create a few bookmarks for friends and family.


While we’re not quite there yet, soon enough, wildflowers will be blooming everywhere. Once this happens, head on out to pick a few of your favorites. Be sure to take the time to make this a learning experience – talking about the different blooms and the world around you.

With packing tape, carefully press your flowers flat. Add an inspirational message and some glitter, cover with another piece of tape, and you’re done! Of course, this is just one way – be sure to share your bookmark photos with us on Facebook!


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While the list goes on, these three ideas are an excellent start to the season! As the number one preschool in Quincy, MA, you can be sure our team at Wollaston is gearing up to head outdoors! With lots of activities and learning ahead, you can have confidence that your little ones are in the best care.


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