Paper Airplane Day Is Coming – Let’s Fly! 

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There’s a national day for everything. But National Paper Airplane Day is one of the most fun for children! Every year on May 26th, participants fold and fly one of the most effortless paper creations and try to beat two different flight categories: distance and time in the air. Additionally, for many people, paper airplanes evoke a carefree and whimsical feel. Here are activities to do with your child on National Paper Airplane Day from us at Wollaston Child Care. Just like Maria Montessori said, “The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn!”


First, let’s learn the basics.


As a pastime, paper airplanes are relatively low on the list. To truly experience the joy of these whimsical paper crafts, first, you have to know how to make one! The most basic paper airplane is easy to make. Here’s a quick breakdown of how to make the perfect one. All you need is a sheet of paper.

early childhood education


  • First, fold a sheet of paper in half.

  • Unfold the paper. Then, gold the top two corners into the centerline.

  • Fold the paper in half on the crease, so the corner folds are inside.

  • Lastly, fold the edges of the paper down, so they meet the bottom of the body. 



When your paper airplane is done, it’s time for the fun part: designing and flying! Crayons, markers, and stickers can turn any white sheet of paper into a wonderfully colorful flying machine. When your child has finished their creation, you can let it soar. It’s best to fly them indoors, so it does not get lost in the wind!


Here’s why we love it.


Fun national days allow us to make excuses to have fun, not that we need any when you’re working in early childhood education! National Paper Airplane Day is a way to get artistic, participate with each other, and relax. 


Wollaston Child Care for Early Childhood Education


As the number one center for early childhood education in Quincy, MA, you can be sure our team at Wollaston is gearing up to have fun with paper airplanes! We believe in helping your child reach new heights. With lots of activities and learning ahead, you can have confidence that your little ones are in the best care here. 


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