Choosing Quality Pre Kindergarten in Quincy MA

pre kindergarten Quincy ma

When it comes to the care and development, pre-kindergarten in Quincy, MA, can be the boost of confidence your child needs. While not required in the United States, many families choose to send their children to a classroom-based program to further their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive abilities. At Wollaston Child Care Center, our goal is to invest in your child and fit your needs. 


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Why Early Education Is Important?


Early education is essential for vocabulary and language skills alongside social development. Children must learn how to work with peers. Further, children should be introduced to a variety of materials and activities at a young age. Pre-kindergarten helps children gain the confidence to work independently and as part of a group. High-quality and enriching early education during childhood begins the foundation for abstract thinking and problem-solving. 


Choosing Quality Care


Did you know that children who attend pre-kindergarten programs are more likely to have stronger cognitive and language skills in kindergarten than children who did not? Every child learns differently and at their own pace. Therefore it’s essential to allow them to have more time to grow. When the foundations are strong, children will continue to thrive as their education continues! 


kindergarten quincy ma


Pre Kindergarten in Quincy, MA


With low teacher-to-child ratios, you can have peace of mind that individual care and learning are at their finest. For more information on the kindergarten program offered at Wollaston, call us today at (617) 773-7217.