August 22nd Is National Tooth Fairy Day!

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Are you looking for the best program for prekindergarten in Quincy, MA? Check out Wollaston Child Care Center! If you have any questions about whether or not you should play the Tooth Fairy, we’re here to answer. 

All parents with children have been there. With every lost tooth, the little ones are excited to see if the Tooth Fairy will come to visit them while they sleep. That’s why we’re going to discuss the history behind this tradition and where it stands today. 


History of the Tooth Fairy


The Tooth Fairy is a fantasy figure for young children that has influences Western culture for hundreds of years. The traditional has been found in writings dating back to the 13th century! Although, there are some variations of when the Tooth Fairy will visit. Some people believed that the fairy only visited for a child’s first lost tooth. On the other hand, other families allowed the fairy to stop by for every lost tooth. 


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Tooth Fairy Appearance


Most often, the Tooth Fairy is depicted as a small, pixie-like female creature. In a 1984 study, 74% of participants reported that they believed the Tooth Fairy was female. Although, the fairy can often be of different ages, shapes, and colors in various books, movies, and shows. Unlike other fantasy figures, different variations or renderings of the Tooth Fairy have been less upsetting to young children than others, such as Santa Claus. 


Playing Tooth Fairy


Is it worth your energy as a parent to play the Tooth Fairy? It depends! Playing Tooth Fairy can be an excellent opportunity to help your child overcome their fear of losing baby teeth and focus on good oral hygiene. It can be helpful for some children to have a fantasy figure to work through the fear of losing one of their teeth. Plus, if you don’t want to leave your child a dollar or two, you can always ask the Tooth Fairy to leave a new, fun toothbrush behind instead.


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Prekindergaten in Quincy, MA


So, it’s almost National Tooth Fairy Day! Here at Wollaston, we offer programs for toddlers to prekindergarten in Quincy, MA. With lots of activities and learning ahead, your little ones will be receiving the best care possible. For more information on the programs we offer at Wollaston Child Care Center, please call 617-773-7217.