Get Reading During National Library Card Signup Month

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Starting the lifelong journey of being a reader starts young. One of the important aspects of early childhood education is parents being consistent with language and learning activities. That’s why September is National Library Card Signup month! At the start of each school year, it’s important to remind families how important supplementary reading is for their children! Today, Wollaston Child Care Center is here to tell you all about it.


Libraries are special


Your local library is a special place and part of the community. A child’s first library card, no matter how young, is a first step in learning how to care for things that belong to others! Plus, it gives your child the opportunity to explore and read a plethora of books that might otherwise be left behind at a store. Developing reading skills young opens the door to a vast imagination and creative story-making. 


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Reading is Early Childhood Education


While it can be difficult to keep a consistent reading schedule as a busy parent, it’s important to make the time. Even from a young age, giving your child the opportunity to look at pictures and listen to your voice starts the foundation of language and literacy. It prepares them for understanding how to read once they reach that age! Furthermore, you’ll push them ahead and motivate the child to improve their skills.


Supporting Young Literacy


There are a few things that happen when you read to your child. Sharing books from a young age supports young literacy and encourages reading. For example, reading:


  • Helps your child learn that pictures and words are symbols that can be understood
  • Exposes your child to new words, thus increasing their vocabulary
  • Familiarizes your child with traditional print books and media

Encouraging and enriching your child with a wide range of stories and tales can also strengthen your relationship with them on top of all of the invaluable word and language skills.


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Wollaston Child Care Center


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