Improving Your Child’s Learning Experience

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As education professionals, we know how important learning is in all forms! An often overlooked aspect of the learning process is support and encouragement from parents and guardians at home. After all, parents are each child’s first and most important teacher! When families and their early childhood education process work together, the child can thrive. So why not choose the best preschool in Quincy, MA? There are many ways you can make the learning experience even better at home and enrich their educational experience! Let’s talk about that today.


How was your day?

Asking children about their day at school is beneficial: it not only shows that you’re interested, but it also gives your child a chance to explain what they learned about. It’s best to ask specifics about what they may have learned to deepen the learning. For example, asking about more specific experiences such as “Did you build a garage in the block area today?” may elicit more information! Also, you can check in with their teacher to better understand what your child is learning on a day-to-day basis.


Combine concepts and playtime.

Spending time with your child is the best and provides memories you’ll never forget. Play is learning in early childhood. To make it even more effective and as educational as it is fun, think about how you can incorporate concepts into the play. Playtime is an opportunity to teach numbers, color, shape, new vocabulary, and much more!


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We are a resource, too!

As mentioned above, we’re happy to answer any questions about early childhood education and our preschool in Quincy, MA. After all, we want to see students succeed! To make the learning process even more thorough, ask us about what your child discovers in class. Education is our field, and we know the best way to make the most out of educational opportunities.


Don’t forget praise and encouragement.

Do you remember the last time someone complimented you? It probably made you feel good! The same applies to your child when you praise them for their behavior or actions. They’ll be more motivated to succeed once they earn praise. Although, your words will be more effective if they are specific. For example, rather than saying “good job,” it is more beneficial to say something like “Wow, there is so much detail in your picture, you must have worked hard on it” to let them know that you’re paying attention!


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