Holiday Activities Toddlers Love

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The holidays are all about finding time to spend time with those you love! There is always that ever-present question that stumps so many – “what should we do?” Here at  Wollaston Child Care Center, when we plan activities for your children we do so with careful consideration! Everything that we plan for your child each day promotes early childhood development in all aspects of their life. If you are looking for some festive activities, here are some that promote quality time and your child’s growth! 


Write Holiday Cards to Family

There are numerous reasons that including your children in the holiday card process will benefit them. No matter the age, it instills a sense of togetherness and caring to take the time to make something for extended family and friends. Allow your child to put their own personal touch on each card. That could mean they write the note or draw a small picture. If they are too young for that, then consider having them help stuff envelopes, this will help promote their fine motor skills!


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Spend Time Cooking

Most of the holiday season is spent in the kitchen so why not include your little ones. First, teaching your child early how to cook is something that they will praise you for years later. But aside from the learned skills, developmentally, cooking can be great for your child. If they are young, have them jump in with a simple task such as holding the measuring cups or stirring the bowl. As they get older allow them to be responsible for other steps as well. By including your child, it teaches them the value of following directions with precision.


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Decorate for the Season

While many parents rush the decorating process, consider slowing down and allowing your children to help. Whether it is hanging ornaments on a tree or unpacking boxes with decor to scatter around the house, your child will love helping. This will help with both their cognitive development as well as help with their fine motor skills. Additionally, consider allowing them to identify and decide where to put different decorations. Your child will therefore be encouraged when it comes to their discernment and decision-making skills!


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Early Childhood Care at Wollaston Child Care Center


These are just a few of the many activities that will promote your child’s growth as well as provide opportunities for quality time. If you are interested in an early childhood care center that will continue to promote this growth consider  Wollaston Child Care Center. Our Quincy MA prekindergarten programs focus on the development of your child in all aspects of their well-being. We cater to their specific needs and can come alongside them to help them learn. With flexible schedules and incredible staff, we can work with you to find a schedule that works best for you and your child. 


For more information about our early childhood care programs contact us at (617)-773-7217!