3 Things You May Not Know About the Tooth Fairy

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One part of childhood is the anticipation of magical folklore characters coming to visit – for instance, the tooth fairy. In the United States, parents have desensitized their children’s fear of losing a tooth with the magical image of this character coming to visit and leaving a gift behind. As the number one childcare center in Quincy, MA, our team at Wollaston thought it would be fun to take this time to delve a bit further. Besides, February 28th is Tooth Fairy Day, so what better time to talk oral hygiene enie!


In comparison, the Tooth Fairy is quite young!

When you look at the most popular folklore, the Tooth Fairy, in comparison to the other two, is a mere toddler. With the first records dating to 280 CE, Saint Nicholas takes first in the ‘who’s the oldest’ category. Up next is the Easter Bunny. Arriving in the 1700s with German immigrants, the Bunny has still been around for quite some time. However, when it comes to the Tooth Fairy, she didn’t make her appearance until 1908 in a column published in the Chicago Daily Tribune.


Throwing teeth is a universal practice.

In the United States, the practice of throwing a lost tooth is not common. However, in nearly every other country this is a strong tradition always followed. In Turkey, Mexico, and Greece, baby teeth are often tossed onto the roof of a house. In India, Korea, Vietnam, and the Philippines, bottom teeth are thrown upwards towards the sky and upper teeth down to the ground to encourage the adult tooth to grow straight. 


Interpretation is the essence of the Fairy.

Unlike other characters, the Tooth Fairy’s appearance is ever changing depending on the culture. In the United States, most relate the Fairy with a characteristic similar to Tinker Bell. However, it’s not uncommon for images of bears, mice, and even dragons to represent the character. 


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While the stories and facts seem to vary upon the part of the world you live in, the Tooth Fairy is a prominent figure regardless. February 28th is Tooth Fairy Day, the perfect time to talk to your children about healthy oral habits! For more information, tips and tricks, visit http://toothfairy.org/. However, when it comes to questions about childcare in Quincy, MA, our team at Wollaston Child Care has you covered!


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