3 Swimming Tips for Preschoolers

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It’s summer, and with summer comes a whole bunch of outdoor activities. Many kids’ favorite activities involve anything to do with water. But when it comes to swimming with preschool-age kids, safety concerns are first in parents’ minds. At Wollaston Child Care Center (a great “preschool near me,” if you’re looking for one!), we care about the well-being of your child both when they’re with us and when they’re at home with you.

If a pool, lake, or beach is part of your summer plans, here are some tips to keep swimming with preschool-age kids safe and fun.


Get Comfortable in the Water

Whether your child hasn’t yet learned to swim or just hasn’t done it since last summer, you want to make sure that they are comfortable in and around the water. Some kids are fearless and will jump right in, but others will need some convincing. Let your child sit or stand on the pool steps or shallow water. Have them blow bubbles to get used to having the water near or on their face. 

If they are ready to start learning to swim, have them hold on to the edge of the pool or hold them up while they practice kicking. The goal is not for them to learn swim strokes at this point, but to be comfortable being in and moving around in the water.


Stay Safe

Although you want to teach your kids to be comfortable around water, you want them to be safe more than anything else. When young children are in the water, parents or other responsible adults should always keep them within arm’s reach. The American Academy of Pediatrics calls this “touch supervision.” Drowning can happen silently and within two minutes, so keeping your child within arm’s reach will save you valuable seconds. You should also teach kids water safety like never to run near a pool and the correct way to wear a life jacket when on a natural body of water like a river or lake.


Make It Fun

Safety is of utmost importance, but you still want to make sure that your kids are having fun. Invent some games to get them into the water and comfortable around it. Scavenger hunts or Red Light Green Light in water no deeper than waist-high are both fun ideas that get kids used to being in the water. If you can, enroll your child in swimming lessons where they will learn both how to swim and water safety.


Preschool Near Me: Wollaston Child Care Center

When you’re not out enjoying fun activities with your kids this summer, Wollaston Child Care Center has programs for preschoolers and younger to keep their education and development going all year long. If you’re looking for a “preschool near me,” have a look at our programs.


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