3 Indoor Child Care Activities for Winter Days

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Let’s face it; being stuck inside day after day with a toddler can prove challenging during the cold New England months. Craving the warm weather that allows for hours of outdoor activities will soon come, but we’re still a bit far out from that. So, when it comes to indoor child care that limits physical excursion in comparison to the summer, what do you do?  You prepare.


Here at Wollaston Child Care, we understand that preparation and routine are key to surviving the winter season! With this in mind, here are three ideas to consider next time you find yourself going a little stir-crazy.


Build a fort.

Who doesn’t love a fort? No matter what size home or room, building a fort is a creative way to get your kiddos thinking, moving, and (of course) laughing! Gather blankets, pillows, and chairs to create a cozy space for your toddler to play and relax. Once finished, spend time together reading books, playing with toys, or enjoying a snack and movie inside of your newly built fort!


Make homemade instruments. 

If you’re ready for a little noise, making homemade instruments is always a memorable pastime. One of the most classic and easiest instruments is, you guessed it, the drum! Use items from around the house, such as pots, pans, and wooden spoons, to create your drum set. Encourage your toddler to make music, sing along with their favorite song, or follow the beat of popular kids’ tunes!


Have an indoor picnic. 

Where do you eat at home? Most likely, your family gathers around a table or comes together at the kitchen island. Switching up this routine is not only simple, but it opens the door for imagination, bonding, and memories! Lay a blanket on the floor and have a picnic inside. Pack a variety of finger foods and drinks for your child and encourage them to help you pack! Remember to share your favorite stories or color a picture on your picnic.


child care near me

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Other ideas include going for a nature walk to look for animal tracks, having a snowball fight in a snow-covered backyard, or making crafts using materials such as paper, glue, and glitter. Whatever the day calls for, have fun and make memories!

At Wollaston Child Care, we take great pride in welcoming children to their home away from home. Days filled with learning adventures and creativity ensure your child comes home happy! For more information on our MA child care programs, contact us today by calling 617.773.7217. We look forward to hearing from you!