6 Steps to Excellent Dental Hygiene

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As one of the top teams dealing with prekindergarten in Quincy, MA, our family at Wollaston understands that teaching your child proper dental hygiene can sometimes be tricky. Because February is Children’s Dental Health Awareness month, we thought it the perfect time to share a few tips and tricks to make the process easier!


Here are six steps to get your child off on the right foot with dental hygiene!


prekindergarten quincy ma

Start Early

Teaching children about dental hygiene at a young age is crucial for developing healthy habits that will last a lifetime. It’s essential to begin teaching children about oral care as soon as their first tooth comes in. You can begin by gently cleaning their gums with a damp cloth and then progress to using a toothbrush and toothpaste as more teeth come in.



Make it Fun

Children are more likely to engage in activities that they find fun and interesting. Incorporating games and songs into your oral care routine can make it more enjoyable for children and help them to remember the importance of brushing and flossing.


Lead by Example

Children often model their behavior after the adults in their lives. Demonstrating good oral hygiene habits and consistently reinforcing the importance of oral care can help children understand the importance of taking care of their teeth and gums.


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Use Positive Reinforcement

Children thrive on positive feedback, so praising them for their efforts and reminding them of how well they’re doing in taking care of their teeth is essential. You can also use rewards like stickers or small treats to encourage children to brush and floss regularly.


Make it a Routine

Brushing and flossing should be a daily routine, so it’s important to establish a consistent routine for oral care. Creating a schedule for brushing and flossing can help children to develop good habits and make oral care a part of their daily routine.


Visit the Dentist Regularly

Regular dental check-ups are important to ensure that children’s teeth and gums are healthy. Not only will it help in the early detection of any dental issues, but it will also make children more comfortable with dental visits.


prekindergarten quincy ma

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By following these tips, you can help your children to develop good oral hygiene habits that will last a lifetime. It’s important to remember that children learn best through positive reinforcement, so be sure to praise and encourage your child for their efforts to take care of their teeth and gums.


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