3 Reasons Kids Should Have Swim Lessons

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May 20th is National Learn to Swim Day, so it’s a great time to discuss the benefits of swimming lessons for kids! Not only is swimming a fun summer activity, but it also has many practical benefits for kids of all ages. Kids are never too old to learn how to swim, but early childhood is the best time to learn.


Here are three reasons why kids should take swimming lessons, especially in early childhood.


Water Safety

Spending time by the pool or at the beach is fun, but it’s important to have a strong sense of water safety. Drowning is one of the leading causes of accidental death for young children, and learning to swim can significantly reduce the risk. Whenever kids are by the water, it’s possible for them to fall in. If your child knows how to swim, they’ll know what to do when they unexpectedly find themselves in the water.


Health and Fitness

Establishing healthy habits in early childhood is one of the best ways to ensure that kids grow up to be healthy adults. Swimming is a great exercise to build strength and endurance and improve cardiovascular health. For kids who don’t express an interest in team sports, swimming can be a good alternative. Learning to swim at a young age opens kids up to more possibilities of athletics they can participate in.


Confidence and Social Skills

Kids don’t just learn to swim in swimming lessons. Mastering any skill builds a child’s confidence and makes trying new things seem less scary. Learning a skill as difficult as swimming gives kids an even bigger confidence boost and the reward of sticking something out until you get the hang of it. Swimming lessons are also an opportunity to interact with other kids and learn important social skills like communication, cooperation, and teamwork.


early childhood

Early Childhood Education | Wollaston Child Care Center

At Wollaston Child Care Center, we want all children to reach their full potential. There’s a lot that we can do while your child is with us, but what they do when they’re not with us is even more important. If you’re looking for a great activity for your child to do this summer, we can’t recommend swimming lessons enough! If you’re looking for somewhere to enroll your child in swim lessons, the State of Massachusetts has some excellent resources.


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